My Holiday Wardrobe

When I go away on holiday, I probably take more clothes for one week, than I’d normally wear in a month. Whilst I have perfected the art of packing light, for the trips where we only take hand luggage, I much prefer the trips where we book hold luggage and I can take everything but the kitchen sink. Although, there’s always that worry of going over the weight limit and standing at the luggage drop, apprehensively wondering if you are about to be fined for going over your allowance.

So what are the basics that I take on holiday? I’m not going to list our entire family’s packing, just what I take for me. My holiday wardrobe. Obviously there’s all the essentials, underwear, swimwear, wash kit, sunscreen etc. Here are some of the other things I take:

Shoe collection. Whilst I try to take as few a pair of shoes as possible, realistically, I take quite a few pairs. Flip flops to wear at the beach and around the pool, and pretty sandals for sunny days out. Trainers in case I attempt anything adventurous or go for a run. High heels to go with my evening wear. Flat shoes… well… just in case I need them really!

Strapless tops. I find the bandeau ones the best, these stop me getting awkward shaped tan lines, so I can have a nicely bronzed back and shoulders.

Dresses. My holiday wardrobe consists of mostly dresses. I like short dresses in the daytime, so I don’t get too hot. Sparkly pretty dresses for the evenings – whether going out for a nice dinner, to go to nightspots or staying to watch the hotel entertainment. Sarong’s and loose dresses are great to throw on over wet swimwear.

I take a selection of shorts and skirts, to go with the tops of course – for the days when dresses aren’t appropriate.

Make-up, jewellery and hair products. I very rarely wear makeup, jewellery or do anything with my hair, but on holiday, I use the evenings as an excuse to glam myself up, even if we aren’t going anywhere. Dressing for dinner is just part of a holiday for me.

I always use the hotel towels and hairdryer in order to save space in the suitcase and where possible, I try to leave space in my suitcase for all the souvenirs that we will undoubtedly bring back with us.

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials?


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