Cabin Max Madrid+ Hand Luggage Bag Review

In this review, we look at a Madrid+ hand luggage bag from Cabin Max.

Cabin Max Madrid plus in purple

An essential travel item for everyone to own, is a decent hand luggage bag, which complies with airline hand baggage dimensions. Some airlines are stricter than others. I believe EasyJet have the tightest regulations on hand luggage size, only allowing bags which measure 50 x 40 x 20 cm.

Cabin Max

Cabin Max are the experts in making practical hand luggage bags which comply with airline regulations and have a vast selection to choose from.

I’m currently reviewing the Madrid+ bag from Cabin Max, which is suitable even on EasyJet ¬†flights.

Cabin Max Madrid plus black

Hand luggage needs to be robust. It needs to have several pockets, so you don’t have to empty it completely to find your passport and it needs to be lightweight. Cabin Max bags come in a huge range of styles, but all seem to embrace those fundamental needs.

What I love about the Madrid+ bag is the versatility. You can wear it as a backpack, or if you prefer, you can fold the straps away, pull out the handle and wheel it along trolley style. This is extremely handy for people like myself, who tend to overload my bag, then find it gets heavy after a while!

Cabin Max Madrid plus purple

This bag also has compression straps, so if you have put a little too much in the bag, you can use the straps to slim it down and hold it all in tight. It even has the bag dimensions printed on the front, which makes it even less likely that the airline will stop you to query your bag size.

The Madrid+ weighs only 1.85kg, comes in a choice of two colours and retails at an extremely reasonable £25.00.


Three years after first publishing this review, this bag is my best travel accessory. I literally take it EVERYWHERE. It’s strong and sturdy and still looks like new, despite being on numerous flights, trains, boats, coaches, escalators, underground trains and being dragged along the pavement. I highly recommend Cabin Max luggage.

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