Dialling for a cab just got better

When cabs started taking calls a few decades ago it seemed like a fantastic innovation. You could suddenly call for a cab anywhere you were and the convenience seemed revolutionary. The reality was quite different. First you would have to deal with the cab company operator and explain where you needed the car to be. Even after you called there was no way of knowing when the cab will actually get to you. Sometimes it would be late and you would have to wait half an hour on the road. We accepted all that because we didn’t have a better option but now we do.

The Evolution of Cabs

Minicabit.com is the logical next step in the advancement of private cabs. First we had the black taxis, then we got the option to call taxis, and then finally the age of private taxis was here. There are many different services all of which are providing services miles better anything black taxis could. The only issue was that each service had their own app or website and getting the best rate was an issue. Most people just go with the first app they install and don’t bother with the other ones. This is bad because often there are other services providing better rates or services.

One Marketplace to Rule Them All

Minicabit is the solution for this issue. Here’s the deal; there shouldn’t be one app per service. There should be a market for all the different services to make it easy for the user. Thus, when you visit Minicabit and enter your destination and starting point you do not get only one price back. Instead you get many different rates from different providers and you can choose whichever one you want. This makes the whole “dialing for a cab” process much more convenient.

All the best services under one roof

You will be surprised at the amount of money you save by using the service. Minicabit is also fantastic for taxi service providers. Most private taxi services have been overtaken by billion dollar companies while the smaller companies have been left in the dust. Private companies cannot expect people to install 10 different apps on their phones so they were at a disadvantage. Now they can participate in Minicabit’s market and win customers by providing the best rates.

There are many other advantages to the service as well. You don’t just save money, you also get more options. For example, one option which we use a lot is picking up friends along the way. You can specify on the website if you need to make stops. So when you and your friends want to go somewhere together you won’t have to get separate taxis, you can simply pick them up in your cab. There is also an option to specify if you have any special needs (such as wheelchair accessibility) or if you have extra luggage (such as a cage for your pet). We really liked having a chance to dial for a cab through the app and we hope transport keeps getting better with more innovations like this.

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