Destination Dreams : Polis, Cyprus

Cyprus has long been my favourite place in the world. Time and time again I have contemplated moving there, yet I’ve not seen as much of the country as I would like. Most of the times I have visited Cyprus, I have been in the South East, exploring Larnaca,  Ayia Napa and Protaras. I have been as close to the ghost town of Varosha in Famagusta, as possible, going right up to the UN line by boat. The furthest North and West I have been is Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus; which is divided in the middle to split Turkish inhabited Cyprus and Greek Cyprus. So it goes without saying  that the West of Cyprus, (Paphos or Polis) is on my destination wishlist.

What I have seen of Cyprus is beautiful weather, averaging just ten days of rain per year. Stunning sandy beaches with clear blue waters that are warm enough to swim in. The Cypriots are so friendly and welcoming to families, that it makes the perfect holiday, whether you are going with grandparents, children, a group of friends or as couple.

There are some truly luxurious places to stay in Polis, that really add to the charm of this rustic and unspoilt part of Cyprus. One which I would love to stay in myself, is Limni Beach Villa, one of the idyllic James Villas in Polis, Cyprus. Just looking at pictures gives me such wanderlust.



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Polis, which used to be called Marion, overlooks the bay of Chrysochou and is often referred to as Polis Chrysochou or Poli Chrysochou. The coastline varies from sand and shingle, to rocky with wildflowers and vegetation growing on the cliffside. Municipal Beach has a European Blue Flag, which indicates high levels of cleanliness, water quality, safety and accessibility.  Polis is a fairly quiet and traditional town (“Polis” is actually Greek for “Town”), with a main square, where you’ll find some shops and plenty of tavernas and restaurants. Tourism is the towns main source of income, so this is a great place to go to experience Cypriot culture and get a taste for genuine Greek cuisine.

The neighbouring port of Latchi is a small but charming fishing village with a picturesque harbour. Here you can sample an exceptionally fresh and very good value fish meze at one of Latchi’s tavernas or fish restaurants. The fisherman are up early in the morning to provide the locals and visitors with the catch of the day.


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Not far from Polis and Latchi, is the famous Baths of Aphrodite. Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, met her lover, Adonis (God of beauty and desire) in the waters where she bathed. The pool has a natural cave, cool waters and is surrounded by wildflowers and a fig tree. The Baths of Aphrodite are now an unmissable tourist attraction, with botanical gardens and views of Chrysochou Bay.


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Polis is not far from the Akamas – Laonas wine route, where there is an abundance of vineyards, and wineries to explore and where most of the wine in Cyprus is made. This region also embraces the Akamas Peninsula, a nature reserve and national park famed for it’s outstanding natural beauty.

Polis is just under an hours drive from Paphos airport or a two hour drive from Larnaca airport and is definitely on my destination wishlist!


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