My travel destination wishlist


It’s no secret that I love traveling. I love seeing new places, meeting new people and having new experiences. I have been lucky to visit many beautiful and exciting places.

Here are the places I have yet to visit, which are on my travel destination wishlist…

1. Las Vegas

I have ALWAYS wanted to see the bright lights of Vegas and stay in a weird and wonderful hotel there. I love anything quirky and unique, I like a bit of a gamble occasionally and I hear the swimming pools are all deserted in the mornings. There’s only one Vegas and no other place like it, so it tops my wishlist.

2. A cruise

Now I realise that a cruise is not a destination, but if I had the opportunity to go on a cruise, I wouldn’t care where the destination was. I have an obsession with boats and it would be a dream come true to go on a cruise. I would of course prefer somewhere hot, which stops at several different countries or islands. The Caribbean would do nicely but I’m open to offers!

3. Canada

Ever since I saw clips of Canada in a 360 degree cinema in Florida, I’ve wanted to go. It looks like such a stunning country. I have never ever been skiing, so I think a place like Whistler would give me a whole host of new experiences to try.

4. Lapland

I want to do the dog sledding, I want to have a roaring fire and a hot tub in a log cabin surrounded by snow. I want to see the magic of Christmas unfold before my children’s eyes. But most of all, I want to see the Northern Lights.

5. Bonaire and Aruba

I used to have a gorgeous Dalmatian named Eva. She had the most striking eyes and her spots looked like eyeliner. Due to a number of reasons, we sadly had to rehome her. After a year in Wales, her owners emigrated to the island of Bonaire, next to Aruba, taking Eva with them. I see photos of her chasing coconuts and swimming in the sea. She has a wonderful life there and I would love to visit her.

6. Amsterdam

I’d love a grown-up weekend in Amsterdam. Just me and my Hubs. I want to go to travel up the canals, whether by romantic boat for two or by water taxi. I’d like to see the picturesque streets, drink in the lively bars, experience the music, passion and cuisine of this vibrant city. Amsterdam has become known for it’s romance as well as it’s history and I’d like to experience all of it.

7. The Bahamas

Do I need a reason? Who doesn’t want to go to the Bahamas?!

8. Thailand

One of my closest friends, visits Thailand a lot, and the combination of her, and a punter in a pub I used to manage, have made Thailand sound like such an incredible place to go. It would be a complete culture shock to me and I’d be excited to try out genuine thai food.

9. India

India, also very far removed from the other choices on this list. I know practically nothing about India and that’s precisely why I’d like to go… to learn all about it.

10 Egypt

Pyramids. Need I say more?

11. Turkey

I’ve heard great things about the traditional Turkish bath and that makes me want to go there and experience it for myself. The weather in Turkey is also similar to the weather in Cyprus, which is my absolute favourite country. I found the Turkish occupied side of Cyprus a bit chaotic, but I hear that Turkey itself is much more laid back.

I’m going to stop there because otherwise I’ll just end up listing every country in the World!

Where would you go if you could go ANYWHERE? Which countries top your own wishlist?


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