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Kiko, Cuqui and Hooky at Kikoland, Menorca


I’ve already mentioned some of the numerous provisions for children at Royal Son Bou Family Club in Menorca, in my food and drink review and my accommodation review. Now I’m going to talk about the adult and children’s entertainment provisions and of course Kikoland.


Kikoland Menorca 2015


Kikoland is a fantastic children’s club at the Royal Son Bou Family Club. It’s a huge high fenced play area with the gate latches up high and out of the children’s reach, so you know when your children are at Kikoland, they are secure. Kikoland is open all day, for parents who want to take their children there at any time. There’s a large outdoor area (mostly shaded from the sun) which seems to have different toys and activities for all ages, every single day. There is a playground, a soft play area, a bouncy castle and a separate play area for under two’s. There is also an indoor room for each age group in case of rain or for indoor activities, like the cinema experience (the children are even given popcorn).


Menorca 2015 (823) Menorca 2015 (819) Kikoland Menorca 2015


Hotel guests are given a Kikoland backpack for each child on your first visit, which is handy for bringing home the children’s artwork, crafty makes and indeed a place to put their shoes, if your children are like mine and take them off the moment they arrive anywhere!




Unlike many children’s holiday clubs, where the children are all expected to do the same activities regardless of age, Kikoland ensures it has specific activities targeted at each age range. They split the activity programme into six age ranges:

Babyclub 0-2 years
Miniclub 3-4 years
Maxiclub 5-6 years
Kidsclub 7-9 years
Juniorclub 10-12 years
Teenyclub 13+ years


Kikoland Menorca 2015 Menorca 2015


This age split means teenagers aren’t expected to play with infant toys and toddlers aren’t getting left out for being too young. There is always a choice of many activities for each age group. My twins loved the bouncy castle, the cinema, the bowling and the soft play the most. My 8 year old loved hula hooping, gymnastics and t-shirt painting.


Menorca 2015 (381) Menorca 2015 (451) Kikoland at Royal Son Bou Family Club in Menorca


If your child is 3 years old or over and you want some relaxation time, you can sign your children into Kikoland and leave them there for a few hours in the fully capable hands of the fully qualified play leaders (who all speak multiple languages). You leave all your contact details and state whether you will be in your apartment, at the pool or by the bar. Your child gets given an colour-coded tabard according to their age and a hand stamp, to indicate that they are in the care of Kikoland. The play leaders take good care of your children and engage them in a multitude of activities, whilst you go and sunbathe, socialise or participate in the adult entertainment programme.


Menorca 2015 (272) Menorca 2015 (357)


I was dubious at first, about leaving our 3 year old twins, so we only left them for an hour, but they absolutely loved Kikoland and demanded to go there for at least one session a day, if not both sessions. You could choose how long you wanted to leave your children at Kikoland, whether fifteen minutes or two and a half hours. There was a children’s bar at Kikoland too, so if your child was thirsty or wanted an ice-cream, they could just go and get one themselves (these were free of charge). Of course if you wanted to stay with your children… you could stay as long as you wanted.


Menorca 2015 (374) Children's bar at Royal Son Bou


Our twins had their 3rd birthday at Kikoland and this was celebrated by Kikoland’s mascots Kiko, Cuqui and Hooky coming to sing and dance with the children. The twins were then presented with a HUGE (and very delicious) chocolate cake with candles in and individual birthday cards.


Menorca 2015 (335) Birthday at Royal Son Bou Family Club in Menorca

Mini Farm and Pony Rides

Two of the activities that all three of my girls loved, were the trip to Royal Son Bou’s mini farm, which had rabbits, goats and chickens that the children could feed; and pony rides overlooking the beach. This was the twins first ever time riding a pony and they absolutely loved it. For these two activities the parents must accompany the children, but I think it’s great that they offer such a diverse range of things for the children to do.


Kikoland pony rides pony rides at Royal Son Bou Family Club pony rides in Menorca


I’ve been to many all-inclusive resorts with children’s clubs before, both as a parent and as a child myself, but Royal Son Bou family club has the biggest range of activities I’ve seen at a resort like this. I love that every age range is catered for and I felt that my children were in very safe hands at Kikoland. My twins are very behind on their speech, but at Kikoland they were so stimulated, that they learnt “hello” in Spanish (Hola), “Kiko”, “Kikoland” and a variety of other new words in the week we were there.


mini farm Royal Son Bou Mini Farm at Royal Son Bou Family Club Mini Farm at Royal Son Bou Family Club Mini Farm at Royal Son Bou Family Club Mini Farm at Royal Son Bou Family Club

Adult Entertainment Programme

The adult entertainment programme was very inclusive too and whether you were a beginner or a pro at an activity, you were welcome to join in. There’s a daytime sports programme, chaperoned by the animation manager. My husband took part in volleyball, table tennis, football, darts and shooting. He ended up collecting certificates on stage most evenings.


Menorca 2015 (436) Football in Menorca


I only took part in archery, which was great fun up on the hilltop overlooking the sea, but in hindsight I wish I’d taken part in more activities.


Archery in Menorca


There’s a gym at Royal Son Bou too, for fitness fanatics, you simply ask for the key in reception. I chose to get my exercise via a hilltop run, swimming in the pool and I took my oldest daughter horse riding at Rutes a Cavall in Son Bou.


Evening entertainment at Royal Son Bou

Evening Entertainment

The evening entertainment starts with a mini disco for the children, where they can learn club dances and burn off some extra energy before bedtime. The main stage evening act is something different every night, which is great, as I’ve been to so many resorts where the entertainment is just singer after singer. We watched magic acts and Caribbean dancers (probably the strongest and most flexible men I’ve ever seen), there was a quiz night, a man VS woman contest, a solo act and group tribute act too.


Menorca 2015 (235) Caribbean Dancers in Menorca


The entertainment was of reasonable quality and bar staff came round to offer table service whilst you were watching it. My husband enjoyed taking part in the Man VS Woman contest, but I fear there was a fair bit of cheating on the men’s side. My husband got stroppy that I wasn’t “on his side”, but the last time I checked I was definitely a woman!


Participant entertainment in Menorca Man Vs Woman in Menorca


Resort App

Another thing that Royal Son Bou Family club do differently to anywhere else I’ve been… they have an app! You can look up the weeks weather, children’s entertainment and adult entertainment programmes right from your apartment or the poolside. Free WiFi for numerous devices runs right the way across the resort, although the signal was a little temperamental in one of the restaurants.


shooting in Menorca

The Children’s Paradise

If you combine the accommodation, the food and drink, the entertainment programmes, Kikoland, the environmental policy and all the additional children’s provisions at Royal Son Bou Family Club, you will see why they call themselves “The Childrens Paradise”. This resort knows exactly what parents and children want for a perfect holiday and they absolutely earn every one of their four stars. It’s extremely difficult to find fault with this resort and I would recommend it to all families with young children.


Menorca entertainment 2015 all inclusive entertainment in Menorca Royal Son Bou Family Club Entertainment


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