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Royal Son Bou Family Club has two restaurants. La Basilica, which has a gorgeous sea view and Los Olivos, which has it’s own kindergarten called “Magikland”. Both restaurants have a relaxed informal atmosphere, buffet style meals, with drinks served to the table and a huge stock of highchairs to accommodate babies and toddlers.


La Basilica, Royal Son Bou

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What can I say about the food at Royal Son Bou Family Club in Menorca?

I was in a foodie heaven. I’m used to all-inclusive resorts having one big buffet, sometimes even a hot buffet and a cold buffet or a savoury and a sweet buffet. Royal Son Bou had numerous buffets!


Dinner(2) Dinner at Royal Son Bou Family Club


Breakfast… well I literally couldn’t think of anything missing.

Pancakes and eggs were cooked on the skillet in front of you. An enormous bowl of the most delicious chocolate sauce sat on the side ready to adorn the pancakes. The hot buffet had all you’d expect, plus a variety of different types of sausages for different nationalities. Every type or biscuit, wafer, pastry or bread was on offer. Cereals and fresh fruit were in plentiful supply, as were fruit juice and hot drinks. Breakfast was absolutely unmissable and I’m not ashamed to admit that I had at least three courses every breakfast.


Breakfast Breakfastat Royal Son Bou Family Club


All-inclusive resorts are a thing of greed for me. I always eat everything I put on my plate, but I had at least three courses for EVERY meal. Three meals a day – who knows how much weight I put on in the space of one week. I didn’t want to go home. I can’t describe the disappointment of having toast for breakfast when I got home!




The average lunch or dinner contained the following:
Menorcan speciality buffet
Salad buffet
Cold meat, breads and cheeses buffet
Children’s buffet
Extensive Hot food buffet
Dessert buffet
Ice-cream buffet


Dinner(4) Dinner(3)


And on top of that, they had a cook-in-front-of-you section, where you could chose from a variety of meats and fish and they would literally cook it on a hot skillet right in front of you, to your liking. The steak and the salmon was exceptional and quite obviously all fresh, not frozen.

La Basilica also had a pasta section, where you could choose from three different fresh pastas, choose from three or four different sauces, choose from around 20 different toppings and add any herbs or spices you wanted. They would heat up the pasta and mix the sauce with your desired ingredients in front of you, whilst you wait.




My favourite of all things though, was the desserts. Oh my word, the desserts! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen some of the desserts. They were absolutely scrumptious.


Desserts Desserts(2) Desserts(3)


As soon as you sat down for lunch or dinner, in either restaurant, a waiter diligently took a drinks order and returned with them before you’d even got back to your table with round one of dinner. Whenever you left the table to get more food, your empty plates were collected. The service was excellent.


childrens food in Menorca


I have to talk about the children’s provisions though. When I say “children’s buffet”, I don’t just mean, food suited to children… there was that of course, but the children’s buffet was also at children’s height and with brightly coloured plastic plates and cutlery, so they could help themselves. There was also a second ice-cream buffet at the children’s height, with plastic bowls and an ice-cream scoop wash at their height. Children’s drinks were also served in plastic cups. This is the only all-inclusive resort I’ve been to that do this much for children.


Kids food


And if you have pre-schoolers that get restless and run around when they’ve finished eating, then Los Olivos restaurant is perfect. They have a nursery for children under four years old, opposite the restaurant, which is open during lunch and dinner periods. You simply drop your child in, leaving their name and your table number and go enjoy your dinner. There are toys for all ages from birth to four years and fully trained nursery staff that speak every language, ready to entertain and take care of your little ones. We took full advantage of this fantastic facility and put the twins in as soon as they’d finished their food, so we could take our time over our own meal. If your child cried for any reason, they’d bring them back to your table for you (ours didn’t because they were far too busy playing with the toys). Again, this is a child-centred facility that I have never witnessed anywhere else.


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You think that’s impressive? Just wait for my review of Kikoland, the children’s club at Royal Son Bou Family Club.


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If for some bizarre reason, you feel hungry at some other time of day, outside of meal times (most of which have a 2-3 hour window), there are snacks available. By snacks I mean pastries, toasted sandwiches and ice cream. The ice cream is pretty much available any time the bar is open. Also, if you are going out on a day trip, you can order a picnic to take with you, for no extra cost.

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The bar serves all your usual spirits, beers, soft drinks, coffees, cocktails and also non-alcoholic cocktails for the children. Some of the cocktails are sadly premixed, which is probably the only less-than-perfect thing about Royal Son Bou Family Club, but they were still pretty tasty. I worked my way through all of them during our stay. The bar drinks menu is handily starred with little blue stars to indicate which drinks are included in the all-inclusive selection and which you’d have to pay a supplement for. This is because some guests choose to stay half board, rather than all-inclusive. Personally I’d recommend all-inclusive to anyone choosing to stay here though, for the sheer value for money.


Cocktails in Menorca


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