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Mahoosive apologies for the lack of recent posts. Things got a bit crazy busy round our way. I’ve been shooting off to London for a series of press events and volunteering in Somerset too.

I have the huge privilege of working as a stage manager for the second stage at an incredible little music festival known as The Godney Gathering. It’s in Glastonbury, hosts 4999 people, 6 stages and over 75 acts. For the last two years it’s been the highlight of my year and I’m very passionate about it.

So for this week’s #CheckOutThatView I am sharing a photo of the crowd that I took, just after sunset at The Godney Gathering.


Godney Gathering


I’m writing a full review of The Godney Gathering which will be jam packed with photos, so be sure to check back or subscribe by email to this blog if you don’t want to miss that. You can also see a little three minute video I made here:


My favourite post from the last set of #CheckOutThatView linkups goes to City Coastal Life. Sometimes the simplest pictures can transport you to a place and this picture of the ocean hitting the sand and the sun reflecting off the foam, does that for me. I love the sea.

Grab my badge and link up your epic view photos here:



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