London from the Eye #CheckOutThatView

This photo is a panoramic sweep of the view from just one window on The London Eye. There is a little bit of reflection, but this is unavoidable when taking photographs from inside a glass capsule! We took this yesterday, so the weather is unfortunately not great, but it captured the smoky, built-up feel of London, as well as the iconic River Thames, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This photo was taken on my mobile phone, as I stupidly forgot to charge my DSLR!


The London Eye


I did have a little giggle at my oldest daughter, Bunny, who had been reading the info on the tablets on board and learning about the different buildings she could see. She learnt that the OXO tower was formerly a Post Office. However, this got a little muddled in her mind by time we got off The London Eye. She pointed out the Houses of Parliament to us and boldy stated that “The Houses of Parliament used to be a Post Office”. Very cute, but me and Hubs could not contain our laughter.

Massive thanks to the 12 of you who linked up fantastic photos last week. It’s really nice when I pop over to visit them the following Sunday and I see that most of you have commented on other photos from the linkup. It’s lovely that this little linky has such strong support already.

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