Love lock bridge in Gdansk #CheckOutThatView

Most of my #CheckOutThatView posts feature a long distance shot of a large area or horizon. This week I thought I’d do something a bit different and share a close up photo, which still depicts part of a pretty view. On a recent trip to Gdansk in Poland, we strolled across a love lock bridge. That is a bridge, where couples who are in love, write their names or initials on a padlock, lock it onto a bridge and throw away the key. That love is then said to be unbreakable, as the padlock cannot be opened or moved.


love locks. love lock bridge, Gdansk


Whilst adding a love lock is not something I’ve ever done myself, it is something I have witnessed in both Italy and Poland and it always warms my heart to see that many people in love. Some of the locks have been there so long, that they have rusted, but are still firmly secured to the bridge. We crossed this bridge many times whilst we were in Gdansk as it was near to our hotel. I just had to stop and photograph them, as I love the colour of all the different locks and the variety of old and new additions. So whilst this isn’t one of my typical view photos, it was a view I wanted to share, as it shows a celebration of love and colour and it made me feel happy every time I walked over it.

Thank you to all the fab bloggers who linked up to #CheckOutThatView last week. The standard of photos linked up was so high that it was almost impossible to choose a favourite. There was a fantastic variety amongst those linked up too. There was one photo however, which made me think “WOW” and I had to go back and look again and again. That was a photo of The Eigg by Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary as I just loved the sheer drama and height of the cliff she was standing on. I’m not sure I’d have been brave enough!

So here’s this week’s linkup. Please do make sure you comment on other linkers as it’s what makes these linkies successful. I also retweet the #CheckOutThatView hashtag on Twitter.





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