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I grew up near Weymouth in Dorset. It is a typical British seaside town, which I will always have many fond memories of and which I was glad to revisit just a few weeks ago. Weymouth has seen the addition of a new landmark in recent years… the SEA LIFE Tower, on the end of the pier. As we have Merlin Annual Passes, it was free for us to go up the SEA LIFE Tower, so we thought we’d check it out. You can also buy singular tickets for the Tower or tickets which combine the tower and the Sea Life Centre.


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The SEA LIFE Tower is basically a tall viewing tower, which very slowly spins, so you can see the whole of Weymouth and right out to sea. You enter the tower at the bottom, where there is a ring of seats facing outwards and once seated, the pod you are sitting in, very quickly and smoothly glides up the tower pole and once you reach the top, it slowly rotates. From there you can see 360 degree panoramic views of the Jurassic coast. An audio description points out important landmarks, so you don’t miss anything.


Weymouth Tower, Sea Life Tower, Weymouth


It wasn’t until we reached the top, that I realised just how tall the SEA LIFE Tower is… you can see for miles and the view is quite literally breathtaking. On a clear day (like we had) it is reported that you can see for just over 16miles from the top of the tower. The pod goes up to 165 feet high and the tower itself is 174 feet tall. It feels as though you are floating above the sea and all the parts of Weymouth that you know and love, now look tiny, like a model village.


Weymouth from the Sea Life Tower Weymouth March 2015 (68)



The whole ride from start to finish is only about 11 minutes, so I wouldn’t advise taking a long distance trip to Weymouth for this attraction alone, but combining it with other attractions, makes it very much worth it. We enjoyed a lovely day out in Weymouth itself, but there’s also a National SEA LIFE Centre in Weymouth. Unlike the National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham, which I reviewed yesterday, the Weymouth one is outdoors and has a few different species to Birmingham. This makes me want to return to Weymouth and check it out.


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We all really enjoyed going up in the SEA LIFE Tower and I am pretty sure we will go up in it every time we visit Weymouth now.


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