Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar in Peschiera Lake Garda

Whilst staying in the beautiful village of Peschiera Del Garda in Italy, we read about a fabulous restaurant on TripAdvisor that came highly recommended for its casual dining experience. On finding out that the Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar was only a five minute stroll from Bella Italia (where we were staying), we decided to check it out for ourselves.

We were greeted by an extremely friendly team of waiters, whom were all dressed in flat caps and quirky uniforms. It was early evening and the weather was warm, so we were seated outside, with a lovely view of Lake Garda, just a few feet away.  The tables were all candlelit and the menus were creative, with high quality photos of all the dishes.


Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar (8)Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar (13)


The restaurant is child friendly, with a childrens menu and highchairs. It was also Happy Hour, so we chose to order food for the children from the happy hour menu, instead of the children’s menu.

The Drinks

Our initial reason for visiting the Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar was my thirst for a decent cocktail. Most of the places we had been, made cheats cocktails with premixed flavourings, instead of being hand mixed. The cocktails here were highly spoken of on TripAdvisor and we weren’t let down. They were unusual, modern, strong and flavourful as well as plentiful. My cocktail was served in a very large wine glass, and Hubs beer was served in a jam jar. I went home feeling a little giddy!


Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar (9) Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar (12)

The Food

Although the pasta was not homemade, it was fresh. We had experienced a lot of disappointment in Italy, with restaurants not serving fresh pasta, which we found quite shocking in truth. At the Vecchio Mulino, it was fresh and it was tasty. I was very disappointed that the first three items I tried to order, were off the menu that day, but I eventually settled for the fresh bigoli pasta with lake fish bolognese, which was 10.00 Euros. It was extremely delicious.


Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar (4)


My husband had the tagliatelle pasta with meat sauce, topped with ricotta, priced at 7.70 Euros.


Vecchio Mulino Beach Bar (2)


The children had breaded chicken and chips. Between the five of us, we ate every morsel put in front of us. The dessert menu, sadly didn’t have anything to tempt us though.


The prices and value for money at this restaurant were exceptional. The service was second to none and guests are invited to ring a bell on the way out if they enjoyed their meal. All the servers shake hands with all the diners on the way out too, whilst welcoming you to come back again soon. This really added a personal touch and made very a pleasurable dining experience. It’s a shame that there were so many items not available though and the dessert menu could do with a few more items, perhaps something chocolatey,

Our rating...
  • Food Quality
  • Atmosphere
  • Family Friendly
  • Availability of menu options
  • Customer service

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