Caffe Centrale in Peschiera Del Garda

Our favourite place for lunch in Peschiera Del Garda, Italy, was Caffe Centrale. We ate there numerous times by the end of our 6 day holiday.


Caffe Centrale


Firstly is the beautiful setting… right on the lake (well… in the harbour)!


Peschiera (94)


It’s a child friendly reataurant, with high-chairs, a children’s menu and children’s ice creams too. One pasta dish from the children’s menu, was enough to be shared by our two year old twin daughters.


Peschiera (10)


We were all made to feel very welcome and the service was fast and friendly.


Peschiera (96)


There were complimentary bread sticks on every table as well as complimentary canapés whilst we were waiting for our meal.


Peschiera (100)


We took quite a liking to the aperitifs in Italy and we had a Spritz made with Aperol, every time we visited Caffe Centrale. It was a lovely drink to sip whilst sitting in the sun and watching the swans on the lake.


Peschiera (101) Peschiera (103) Peschiera (106) 2Swans


Caffe Centrale was one of the few places that offered light lunches in addition to the rest of it’s vast menu. It was also one of the only places in Peschiera that serves food all day. Many, we found, stop serving food at 2:30pm.


Caffe Centrale


The downside to this restaurant, is that the pasta is dried and not fresh, but the sauces are tasty and the food is well cooked, so we didn’t mind too much. The food was all very good value for money and one of the lowest priced restaurants we visited.


Peschiera (9)


The ice cream at Caffe Centrale was really great too and there were pages and pages of sundaes and children’s ice creams to choose from!


Peschiera (102)


I highly recommend a stop at Caffe Centrale to anyone visiting Peschiera. It is without a doubt, one of the prettiest places in the village and has such a relaxed atmosphere.

Our rating...
  • Food Quality
  • Atmosphere
  • Family Friendly
  • Value for Money
  • Availability of Menu Items

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