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Last week, I got so caught up in the hustle and bustle of being in London, that there was no #CheckOutThatView. After walking 10 miles a day around the city centre with a hyperactive 8 year old, I just didn’t have the energy to fiddle around with the hotel’s dodgy WiFi connection, to get a post live. The fact I took over 600 photographs in London didn’t help either. How would I choose which one to use?

I am now sitting in the sunshine, by my hotel bar in Menorca, drinking coffee, because the sunshine makes me lethargic. Having taken about the same number of photos in Menorca, as I did in London, I’m facing the same problem of which one to choose for #CheckOutThatView. If you are wondering, why I’m not in the pool, jogging along the beach or out exploring… it’s really windy today and I’m being a bit chicken! The children are in the kids club and Hubs is busy trying to thrash the Germans at Table Tennis (because they won last time).

If anybody knows the weatherman, please ask him to take his wind elsewhere? The UK perhaps (until I get home). I made the crazy decision to go horseback riding along the beach later and at this rate (50kmph winds) I will get blown off my horse and what little tan I have, will be exfoliated by sand! My nerves are already mounting as I’ve not been on a horse since I was 11 years old!

So without further ado (because I forget to ask for brandy in my coffee), here’s the photo I have chosen for my #CheckOutThatView photo this week. Chances are, the next few weeks will be Minorcan photos or London photos from me. As always, I love seeing what other people link up. Please forgive my tardiness in commenting though as I am on holiday, but I will get there eventually!

This is the view that greeted me on arrival to our hotel room in Menorca…

Menorca 2015 (68)



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