Gloucester Docks at Night #CheckOutThatView

I have a confession to make…

This week’s #CheckOutThatView photo actually wasn’t taken by me. It was taken by my very good friend and partner in crime, Azaria. This friend is the one who helps me come up with crazy ideas on random Tuesday nights, over a pint at The Portivo Lounge in Gloucester (one of our favourite haunts). Azaria also very cleverly designed the logo you see at the top of this blog, of my three daughters off on their travels!

Azaria sent me a photo, similar to this one, a few nights ago and I had to have it! I asked her to take one for #CheckOutThatView and she very kindly said yes. So here is Gloucester Docks, at night…


Gloucester Docks
Copyright: Azaria Timms

The photo was taken on a mobile phone, but I think the slightly grainy texture, makes it look like a really arty piece. It looks more like an oil painting that a photograph.

Many of the people who link up regularly to #CheckOutThatView know I have a great love of photographs which feature water and/or sunshine, so this picture works for me on that level too!

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