How to book a spa break and get a good deal

I’ve recently stayed in a 4 star hotel as part of a spa break and it’s left me wondering… why don’t I do this more often? This particular stay was in the Crowne Plaza Felbridge as part of my friends hen party and it made me realise that Mike and I have never been on a spa break together. I think that’s something that needs to change.  So I thought I’d put together a little piece on how to book a spa break and what should be included.

How to choose a spa break

When you book a spa break, it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best deals. Spa breaks are most often in four or five star hotels and I would be very wary of any which were less than four stars, as this could be a sign of poor service or poor hygiene. Search engines are a great place to start, if you aren’t sure where you want to go. I would always recommend checking out reviews on both Google Maps and Trip Advisor before you book anywhere. Beware of reviews on booking websites as sometimes the booking websites delete negative reviews in order to increase their chances of selling you a hotel.

Finding the best spa break deals

You can also use holiday comparison websites or any hotel booking site to find a hotel you like. Type in your destination and filter the search results by hotels with a spa. Check what they include as some include things like breakfast, treatments or soft drinks in the price, others charge separately for everything from the swimming pool to car parking.

Websites like Groupon also offer brilliant deals on spa breaks and whether you are looking for spas in Glasgow, spas in Dorset or spas abroad, this is a great place to look if you haven’t already got your heart set on a specific hotel.

If you are booking direct with a hotel, it’s worth noting that hotels often hide their special offers on another page. If you look through their website for special offers, there’s more often than not, one which gives you something extra if you book a spa break.

What should be included on a spa break?

I have been to “spa hotels” where they charge separately for breakfast, parking, swimming pool and expect you to wear a swimming cap and bring your own towels. I would recommend avoiding hotels like this. It really depletes the luxury feel that you want from a relaxing spa break. I would recommend booking with a spa break where all the following are included:

Bathrobes and slippers (sometimes they offer flip flops instead of slippers, which is fine too)

Towels (so you don’t have to bring yours down from the bedroom)

A spa treatment (if booking a package, you usually get a choice of treatment – if you want something more specialised, be prepared to pay a lot more for it).

Hydration (some spa’s offer herbal teas, some just water and some infused water, but there should always be some way of keeping yourself hydrated if you are using sauna’s and steam rooms).


Car Parking


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Be aware: Under 16’s can’t usually use a sauna, steam room or have certain treatments. Also if you are pregnant, certain treatments and essential oils are not suitable and you shouldn’t use a sauna or steam room (or jacuzzi either if the water is hot).

We have now got our sights firmly set on a belated honeymoon destination which has a spa and includes a whole day of couples treatments.

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