Holiday home design VS home design

Have you ever noticed how holiday home kitchens are always SO well organized? Even caravan kitchens. They have super space saving storage solutions that are just genius. As someone who is currently doing a lot of DIY at home and will most likely be having a staycation this summer, instead of a holiday abroad, I’ve decided to take inspiration from holiday homes for kitchen design ideas.

I want to know if I can utilize some of those great space saving solutions in my own kitchen. And why stop at the kitchen? Have you seen how many cupboards they can squeeze into a tiny caravan bedroom?

Hotels are at it too. You open a cupboard and boom… You suddenly have a fully functional ironing board and iron in front of you. TV’s appear miraculously from behind walls and some hotels are even getting televisions built into beds. Meanwhile… I don’t even have built-in appliances. I went on a really fabulous all-inclusive holiday last year, where I didn’t even notice the kitchen on arrival, because the entire kitchen had been built into a giant cupboard. I quite like the idea of being able to close the doors on the washing up if you have unexpected guests!

With an expanding brood of children, I am expert at packing for holidays and unpacking in holiday homes, but I always seem to struggle with too much stuff and not enough cupboards at home. So now, is the time to pick the best of the holiday home storage solutions and implement them on my own home.

The other thing to think about is… when you go on holiday, you only pack the things that you most need. I don’t know if the same goes for everyone, but when I’m away, I never miss any of the possessions I left at home… which poses the question… how much of that clutter do you really need? So as well as a kitchen redesign, I’m going for a hefty declutter too. I’m then going to carry this out throughout the other rooms in my house too.

What are the best design ideas you’ve seen when away on holiday? Have you ever implemented any of them once you got home?

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