Airbnb Holiday Accommodation – Top 6 Things to Consider Before Booking

Are you considering booking Airbnb holiday accommodation this year? It is most certainly worth considering as it offers several advantages over traditional hotel rooms. However, it is also important to keep in mind that Airbnb has its disadvantages too. To enjoy both your location and Airbnb accommodation, perhaps you should consider the following:


Unfortunately, most of us have a limited budget for travel. Getting the best deal possible for accommodation is therefore a priority, as it is typically the most expensive part of a holiday package. However, while looking to get more for less, beware of too-good-to-be-true prices. If the price is suspiciously low, there is probably a good reason for it.


No doubt you want your holiday accommodation to be close to the beach, shops, bars, and all other local attractions. Bear in mind that you will pay a premium for this- but your transport costs should stay low as you will be walking everywhere. You will also be able to explore your holiday destination better, allowing you more time to on leisure, recreation and relaxation. Weigh up the pros and cons and decide whether to go for somewhere a little cheaper, but further out, or in the hub of everything but more expensive.


Look at the listing’s pictures very carefully and pay close attention to its content. With an aim to make their listings more attractive, the hosts like to display as much as possible including things such as the manufacturer of the TV and whether the shower is from the Redring shower range. But the pictures also tell you a lot about the amenities’ condition. But please note that hosts will often go the extra mile to show their listings in the best light possible, so be sure to take that into account before booking.


These can be invaluable when you are not sure whether the property is a good choice or not. Keep in mind that most listings will have some negative reviews and that these are not always justified. But while a couple of poor reviews and fifty positive ones mean that you are probably safe, a lot of negative responses should raise a red flag even if the listing seems a perfect choice.

Cancellation policy

It’s good to know whether you will be refunded in full or at least in most part in case you are forced to cancel the reservation for any reason. Be sure to read the cancellation policy very carefully as there are currently three different Airbnb cancellation policies. You will be asked to agree to the host’s cancellation policy before booking.

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