A cheap lunch at Brewers Fayre

Somewhere between twins club and doing my big food shop, my toddler twins and I, needed some lunch. We were particularly hungry from a busy morning and a sandwich wouldn’t cut it. I needed a break from my frequent pastry habit and the café in our local Tesco is not as cheap as it used to be. I’m trying to watch the pennies as I’m saving up for flights to Cyprus. I worked out that by time I’d got all three of us a drink and a meal, we’d have gone well over £10 and the atmosphere isn’t exactly relaxing in there. So instead we decided to try out a Brewers Fayre, The Whittle Inn in Brockworth, Gloucestershire.

Only seconds after sitting down, a waitress brought over two Beano comics for the girls and some colouring crayons. This gave them something to do whilst I sussed out the menu.

Family Friendly Brewers Fayre
For £3.99 the girls could have a children’s meal and there really was a huge selection to choose from. The side orders were interchangeable too, which was great because I am not big on giving them chips with everything. For £4.49 they could have two courses or for £4.99 they could have three courses. This doesn’t include a drink though, so I worked out we’d be spending over £10 just for the pair of them. I was on the hunt for a cheap lunch.

The Whittle Inn Brewers Fayre
Over on the adults menu, was a special offer of two main meals for £10. That’s more like it. So instead of getting the girls a children’s meal, I got them an adult’s meal to share. I ordered two adult mains of sausage and mash, for £10. I bought the girls a glass of squash each for 60p and I had a bottomless lemonade for £2.50.

The Whittle Inn (21) The Whittle Inn (20)
Brewers Fayre also do a rewards card now, so I picked one up. For every £1 you spend in a Brewers Fayre, you get 5 points. You can use 250 points to take £2.50 off you bill or you can use 500 points for either £5.00 off your bill, a free bottle of wine or two free kids meals. I registered my card online, whilst I was waiting for my lunch to arrive, and was rewarded with 250 bonus points. Registering also meant we are signed up to receive a free meal on my birthday and special offers on the rest of the family’s birthdays, on our wedding anniversary and even my blog anniversary!

The Whittle Inn (15) Brewers Fayre
The food arrived very quickly indeed and as I had the twins, the waiter carried our drinks over from the bar for me too. The meals were of a reasonable size for the price tag and they were certainly more than enough for lunch. I’m not a fan of cabbage, so I gave all mine to the twins, who thoroughly enjoyed every last morsel of their food.

The Whittle Inn (27) The Whittle Inn (2) The Whittle Inn (6) The Whittle Inn (5)

So to summarise…

We got to sit in comfortable chairs by a window, in a warm family friendly pub with a nice atmosphere and speedy service. We got free WiFi, colouring crayons and a Beano, 315 reward points, plus a hot dinner and drinks for the three of us, for a grand total of £13.70. This is about what I’d have spent if I’d gone to a supermarket café or a coffee shop, but the experience was much more pleasurable.

I think I will be switching up our weekly coffee shop / café routine to include Brewers Fayre more often.

  • Value for Money
  • Quality of food
  • Quality of service
  • Child friendly


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