Is this really London?! #CheckOutThatView

Last week, I talked about how completing art sculpture trails has shown us some true beauty spots in the most unexpected of places. I shared a colourful harbourside photo from the English City of Bristol. This week I thought it fitting to share another of these stunning scenes which we stumbled upon whilst doing an art trail.

Who would believe, that THIS is in central London…


London Shaun in the City Trail May 2015 (8)

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me exactly where in London this is…?

We walked over 20 miles around London and I was very surprised by the number of pretty photos I managed to take in the city that everyone associates with big ugly grey buildings and a black smog of pollution. I’m putting them all together in a video, because there’s just too many to share in a blog post.

I found it REALLY hard to pick a favourite from last week’s linkups because every single one of them featured gorgeous views. We saw castles, sunset, beaches, sports and even fluffy calves (as in baby cows – not hairy legs), the standard of photography was seriously high. However, there was one blog post that just made me take a breath and think WOW, that place looks incredible. The Adventure Mom linked up her review of Lake N Pines lodge in Michigan, USA, and her post is just full of lakeside photos, capturing everything from a distant sunset to the ripples on the lake and those photos are just so calming to look it.

Thanks so much, to everyone who joined in last week, please spread the word about this linky so we can attract even more blogs to wanderlust over.

Here’s the badge and this weeks Check Out That View linky. Don’t forget to spread some comment love too and use the #CheckOutThatView hashtag.



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