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I recently stumbled across England’s first toast bar… a cute little café tucked away on the waterfront at Gloucester Docks. It’s called “On Toast” and specialises in selling toasted sandwiches. At first I loved the quirky novelty of this idea, but then when I thought about it, I realised it’s not just niche, but extremely practical too. Just think how often you eat sandwiches for lunch and how boring it gets after a while… then switch it up a bit, by having a toastie instead! On Toast is also only a short walk from some of Gloucester’s tourist hotspots, such as The National Waterways Museum, Gloucester Quays outlet shopping centre, Gloucester Cathedral and the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum (all worth a visit).


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This little café seems to have a busy takeaway trade to local employees, as well as people like me, just looking for something nice for lunch with my girls. I fear though that there are many people who don’t know about this little gem, because it took me years to find it and I go to the docks every week!


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I ordered an egg and bacon toastie…


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The twins went for tuna and cheese…


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Bunny chose ham and cheese…


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There are far more elaborate and experimental fillings available, but I chose to keep it simple on this occasion, as whilst my girls had already had breakfast and were looking at lunch, I’d skipped breakfast that day and was looking at brunch! We did however, go on to have a Cadbury Crème Egg filled toasted sandwich afterwards, which acted like a dessert!


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There’s a big selection of hot and cold drinks available at On Toast and everything is extremely reasonable priced. The toasted sandwiches start at just £2.60 and carry the slogan “the tastiest toasties in town”. To be honest, I think they are spot on with that, because the four of us thoroughly enjoyed our food.


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The service was fast and friendly and there’s free WiFi too. I have a sneaky suspicion that the chap who served me may have been the owner. If it was and he ends up reading this… I can only apologise that we spent SO LONG in your café, but you had best get used to it, because we will be back!


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It’s not just the food and drink, the quirkiness and the excellent service which delighted me about On Toast. Just look at the location… You can sit indoors or outdoors and enjoy this stunning view…


On Toast Gloucester (15)
On Toast Gloucester (12)


I love writing reviews where I absolutely cannot find fault with a place I’ve been to, and On Toast was one of those. After all, what’s not to love?!


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